The right time is just about now. If you need to visit UAE and the program is final then what's the wait! You will get your permit application processed within 12 hours from now

Some airlines do offer Permit processing services but neither is it their core business nor are they experts in it. Rather, they would like to maximize their ticket sales which is done with or without successful processing of your permit application.

Although we provide verification links with e-receipt for each application, you can verify your permit by loging on to " Web Address " and putting up your permit number

A. As we have mentioned on our website, your permit is delivered within 12 hours after completion of the application process. Except weekends and public holidays when it may take longer due to the absence of authorities to get approval on your permit. Although, we process the application the very next day and within the same timline.

We provide "Single Entry" which means that your can enter once and exit once, and "Multiple Entry" which means that you can enter and exit for as many time as specified on the permit

Absolutely! Unless there are any legal implications with your profile, your permit will be delivered to you within the specified timeline.